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Love is Patient

Basic Gospel

Published on 06/20/2016

Today we look at one aspect of love -- patience. In this world full of tension and tragedy, we often neglect to focus on the gift of patience. It is important for us to dig deep into the phrase "love is patient". We do need a measure of patience one toward another. We can only do that when we understand God's patience toward us. God has an unlimited supply of patience and he actively extends it to each one of us. Can we truly say the words we say are words of love and encouragement of grace? What about our attitudes? Are they always pure and come from the right motive? The honest answer to those questions is "no". When we look at ourselves, we realize how desperately we need God's patience in our lives. God's patience toward us overflows to those around us. It is His love and patience that hold the answer to the problems of the world.

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