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Leadership is hard. And if you are like us you want to continue to do it without losing your soul and burning out. Join Alan and David as they have practical conversations on health and leadership every week. They host pastors, business leaders, authors, creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs to ask questions, hear stories and share tools that help you lead healthy and for the long-haul. This podcast is brought to you by Stay Forth Designs find out more about who we are and what we do at www.stayforth.com

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Right-Side Up Leadership Podcast

010 - Alan & Julie Briggs - "Intro to the Enneagram"

One of the most crucial aspects of leadership is to know yourself and to understand those you lead. In this episode, Alan and Julie give us an introduction to a powerful framework for our deepest motivations, called the Enneagram. They go through each of the 9 numbers, discussing their core motivations and some tips on how to better communicate and lead each number. In a world that seems to be growing more divided, we hope that this insightful tool helps you to better empathize and work together with those you love, lead and work along side. If you are interested in exploring the Enneagram further please visit www.stayforth.com/enneagram where you can find a training, coaching and variety of different resources for you or your team. Also, we have a special offer for Right-Side Up Leadership listeners! Head to www.stayforth.com/resources where we are offering our "Introduction to the Enneagram" video for 50% OFF. Use Promo Code: enneagram50