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Poddy Break is the brainchild of comedian Tim Hawkins. Listen as Tim talks about any number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and the nuances of llama ownership.

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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

021 - The Crew - Vikings, Bugles and Grey's Anatomy

It's time for Poddy Break: Snack Edition… Tim and the crew chow down, and we're piping it straight into your brain! On this episode, we meet Bugle preserver, Brian Henry Thomson. Caleb and Cheese (Merch Manager Matt) discuss the last time they cried. Freight impersonates a Canadian while Caleb sings Taylor Swift. Tim talks about Satanist Youth Camps and how Frosted Mini Wheats brought down the Vikings. Also on this episode: Tim talks about his old band "Better than Enemas". The gang discusses Pokemon Go. Free back hair maintenance tips. And Poozan (Freight's wife) calls with breaking news from Grey's Anatomy. Talk to us! @poddybreak Getchu some Timmy Tickets! http://www.timhawkins.net