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Leadership is hard. And if you are like us you want to continue to do it without losing your soul and burning out. Join Alan and David as they have practical conversations on health and leadership every week. They host pastors, business leaders, authors, creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs to ask questions, hear stories and share tools that help you lead healthy and for the long-haul. This podcast is brought to you by Stay Forth Designs find out more about who we are and what we do at www.stayforth.com

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030 - Alan & David - "Need a Sabbatical?"

Rest is a consistent theme on this podcast and today we discuss a distinct concept of rest, called sabbatical. Sabbatical is an extended break from your work. Generally, your church, school or organization gifts you with this extended time away after a certain amount of years of service. We've seen that leaders can struggle enough with a weekly day of rest, so when they are given several weeks of "nothingness" it can seem daunting, aimless and disorienting. In today's episode, David and Alan talk about their experiences with the topic of sabbatical and discuss some tips and things to keep in mind as you prepare for sabbatical. As Alan says, sabbatical will likely "wreck you" in so many different ways. It is a disorienting but in can be the environment to help us find deep clarity and peace in our calling, identity and path forward as we come back to our work refreshed. If you are about to take a sabbatical or are currently in one, we'd love to hear what you're thinking or how its going. Reach out to us at www.stayforth.com/contact