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Poddy Break is the brainchild of comedian Tim Hawkins. Listen as Tim talks about any number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and the nuances of llama ownership.

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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

032 - John Branyan - Gnats, Chicken Strips and #freightbacks

Are you ready??!??!?! John Branyan is back on the bus, and we’re ready to go! Tim insults John’s love of chicken strips. Freight forges Caleb’s signature on a cymbal. John gives an egg update. Tim tries to blow up a Jolly Rancher in the microwave. And Freight finds a gnat in his loaf of bread. Also in this episode: John suggests making a twinkie gun with gunpowder. Homeland security confiscates some pumpkin canons. John explains where baby corn comes from, while Tim gets weirded out by english cucumbers. Tim eats a deer heart. AND FREIGHT GETS A COMEBACK STARTER KIT AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! World, get ready for #freightbacks! Tweet us with your #freightbacks Let’s get Freight 1,000 followers! Follow him @chrismabrey Follow us @poddybreak Email us at [email protected] Click here to see Tim LIVE!!! Tweet John Branyan @john_branyanClick here for John's website!