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Poddy Break is the brainchild of comedian Tim Hawkins. Listen as Tim talks about any number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and the nuances of llama ownership.

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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

036 - Bob Smiley - Whispering, Pot Pies and 6 Year Old Tim

Bob is back for another Poddy Break! Tim and Caleb try to whisper for the entire episode. Freight doesn’t have a foamy thing on his microphone. Bob buys groceries for Crappaw. Tim specifies what a sandwich is. The gang talks about who makes them laugh. And Caleb sings the Hippopotamus Song. Also on this episode: Tim loses his cheese stick. Bob leaves a Gonzo mug in his attic. Freight does an impersonation. Caleb has an audio meltdown. The gang discusses how early is too early for a pot pie. And we hear an interview with Tim at 6 years old by his father, Dave “Coach” Hawkins. Follow us @poddybreakEmail us at [email protected] Click here to see Tim LIVE!!! Check out Bob’s Website - http://www.bobsmiley.com/Tweet Bob @bobsmileycomic