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Leadership is hard. And if you are like us you want to continue to do it without losing your soul and burning out. Join Alan and David as they have practical conversations on health and leadership every week. They host pastors, business leaders, authors, creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs to ask questions, hear stories and share tools that help you lead healthy and for the long-haul. This podcast is brought to you by Stay Forth Designs find out more about who we are and what we do at www.stayforth.com

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Right-Side Up Leadership Podcast

037 - "Marriage and Business"

What happens when the lines between work and home become fuzzy? In this episode, we sit down with two couples who are in the trenches of small business risks, and side hustles. Our conversation is all about business and marriage and how you navigate the very real challenges, wins and losses of starting a business together. First, Alan and Juile talk with Travis and Niki Fields who own FH Beerworks in Colorado Springs, CO. They opened their doors in 2014 but recently added a second location which was/is a massive financial and logistical undertaking. They discuss the challenges of balancing work and family life, and also the strength that comes from the different gifts they both bring to the table. Second, Alan and David sit down with Josh and Alli Hunter, who run Banner Wake Designs from their home in Colorado Springs. Alli and Josh started BWD while Josh was working full-time at a church and right before their 5th child was born. Translation, "free-time" was in short supply. Their why behind their "side-hustle" was to close a financial gap and ultimately get out of debt. Both of these couples are in the thick of it, experiencing the stress, fear and excitement of a dynamic and growing business. We hope their honesty and experience encourage you in your marriage and business. UPDATE: Since this episode Alli and Josh's "side hustle" has turned into their main hustle, giving them more financial freedom, while still serving the local church. Support These Couples! FH Beerworks FH Beerworks/facebook FH Beerworks/instagram Banner Wake Designs Banner Wake Designs/facebook Banner Wake Designs/instagram Banner Wake Designs/etsy