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Poddy Break is the brainchild of comedian Tim Hawkins. Listen as Tim talks about any number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and the nuances of llama ownership.

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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

049 - John Crist - Anthems, Jerky and Freight Films

Heyooo, John Crist is CRUSHING IT on the podcast! This week, Luke Bryan sings the National Anthem. Tim says the word "orange". Josh tells a Valentine's Day story. Freight stares at a basket of crackers. John wonders if sharks are gluten intolerant. And everyone chews deer jerky directly into their microphones! Also on this episode: We discuss your #Freightvrite movies. Caleb isn't very handy, but makes up for it with his beard. Who's Kim Yon Goon? Get yourself a Freight stake. Are guys intimidated by funny women? And Freight gets the most epic gift ever! Get your Poddy Break Merch! Click Here!!!!Follow us @poddybreakEmail us at [email protected] Click here to see Tim LIVE!!! Get your John Crist fix here: http://johncristcomedy.com/Tweet your little fingers off @johnbcrist Download "Waiting" by lalo here: https://lalo.bandcamp.com/releases