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Poddy Break is the brainchild of comedian Tim Hawkins. Listen as Tim talks about any number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and the nuances of llama ownership.

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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

091 - Drum Face, Violent Carrie, and Bus Drama

This week, a stranger disposes of an odd item in Branyan’s front lawn. Tim tries to clap his own hand. Is Office Space funny? Pooz hates when Caleb listens to metal music. Carrie Underwood gets violent in OUR version of Before He Cheats. Naked plays too much FartKnife. Freight doesn’t know what FartKnife is. Tim compares golf to the lying adulteress woman in Proverbs. Aaaand the bus has a minor (major) malfunction. WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE NOW! “Like” us @poddybreak! Social Meeds: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @poddybreak Facebook: @poddybreak