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10 Years Later: Love Prevails

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 09/11/2011

It's tough to describe what swam through our minds as on live television we watched another airplane fly into the second tower of the World Trade Center. And for most all of us, I dont need to describe it. Although the tragedy was just ten years ago, you remember where you were and what you were doing. Instantly every American knew that the first airplane crash wasn't an accident or an isolated hijacking. It was crystal clear that these were orchestrated attacks—an effort to wound our nation in it's most popular and populous city. For the next few days we were glued to any news outlet in hopes of garnering some new information or some good news from our TV sets. But ten years later, we want to focus on the good God has brought forth from those fields of terror and work toward a future where the love of Christ prevails.

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