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Leadership is hard. And if you are like us you want to continue to do it without losing your soul and burning out. Join Alan and David as they have practical conversations on health and leadership every week. They host pastors, business leaders, authors, creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs to ask questions, hear stories and share tools that help you lead healthy and for the long-haul. This podcast is brought to you by Stay Forth Designs find out more about who we are and what we do at www.stayforth.com

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117 - Jon Peacock "Refueling for the fall"

How are you doing right now? If you took a quick assessment to judge whether you're operating at a deficit, just skating by, or full, what would the results say? Fall is quickly approaching and if it were to appear tomorrow, how well would you be able to lead based on your current state On today's episode, Alan has a great conversation with pastor and podcaster Jon Peacock for a great discussion on what it looks like to lead well through uncertainty and how to refuel for the fall. About Jon In 2010 a few friends and I set out on the journey to plant what is known today as Mission Church. The journey of leading and learning is one I want to continue for the rest of my life. From starting with 20 friends in my living room to now leading thousands, we’ve come a long way but we still have miles to go. I spend most of my time raising daughters, loving my wife, walking my dog, encouraging our staff, envisioning our people, and cooking for my neighbors on my Big Green Egg. I’m a regular guy who’s been captivated by a Redefining Church vision. I know where God has called me to go and stay; the neighborhood. I have the joy of leading alongside my bestie, Tommy Bowman. Check out his website to learn a whole lot more about what we mean by “redefining church”. Join me as I join Jesus on the greatest adventure of a lifetime..."next door as it is in Heaven". Connect with Jon Mission Church Podcast Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Take your next right step pursue coaching