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2 - The God Who Calls, Exodus 3:1-22

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 02/12/2017

The God Who Calls Exodus 3:1-22Moses was watching the flocks of his father-in-law Jethro and could never have imagined the encounter that was to occur. The God of his forefather Abraham appeared to him in a burning bush and told Moses of his plan to use him to rescue his people. Though removed by 1000’s of years, God still calls us and sends us to set captives free.1. God calls (vs. 1-6)2. God sends (vs. 7-10)3. Moses doubts (vs. 11-15) a. Who am I? (vs. 11-12) b. Who are you? (vs. 13-15)4. God directs (vs. 16-22)Songs:Unstoppable God #7011436 by C Brown, S Furtick, and W Joye2014 Sony/ATV Tree PublishingLove Came Down [J Riddle] #5148938 by J Edwardson, B Johnson, I McIntosh, and J Riddle2009 Brian And Jenn Johnson Music, Bethel Music, Jesus We Love You #7030068 by H McClure, K Heiligenthal, and P McClure2014 © Bethel Music PublishingOceans (Where Feet May Fail) #6428767 by M Crocker, J Houston, and S Ligthelm2012 Hillsong Music Publishing

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