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3 - Without Honor, Mark 6:1-6a

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 05/20/2018

Despite the tremendous demonstrations of his power throughout the region, those in his own hometown of Nazareth reject him. Like the prophets of old, Jesus is opposed and his message is disregarded; a foreshadowing of things to come in Jerusalem. Might we find in our own hearts the faith to believe. The Sovereign without honor (vs. 1-6a) 1. Jesus was very average 2. Familiarity can be a stumbling block to faith 3. Let’s pull for the next generation 4. Faith is not an equation 5. Your family may not believe yet 6. Our faith impacts his work 7. Failure is to be expected among the faithful 8. It is not our sin but our unbelief that he marvels atSONGSYour Love Awakens Me #7054720 by C Quilala and P Wickham© Capitol CMG GenesisCall Upon The Lord #7051501 by C Brown and S Furtick2015 © Be Essential Songs Worthy Of Your Name #7052927 by B Younker and S Curran© sixsteps Music Over All I Know #7105439 by A Rozier, J Ingram, & J CatesAll Essential MusicThis I Believe (The Creed) #7018338 by B Fielding and M Crocker2014 © Hillsong Music PublishingPraise The King #7032344 by C Voss, D Smith, M Bryce Jr., & M Farren2014 © Farren Love And War Publishing

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