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4 - Sound Doctrine & Self-Control, Titus 2:1-10

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 06/02/2019

Sound doctrine should lead to right behavior, and in Titus 2:1-10 the apostle Paul gives specific instruction for various groups within the church. While it can be counter-cultural to modern ears, Paul’s direction finds its foundation in the gospel itself and highlights the behaviors that make not only families strong, but creates churches that point an unbelieving world to Jesus. 1. Teach sound doctrine (v. 1) a. Older men (v. 2) b. Older women (vs. 3-4a) c. Younger women (vs. 4b-5) d. Younger men (v. 6)2. Be an example (v. 7-8) a. At work (vs. 9-10)Songs:The Lion And The Lamb #7038281 by B Brown, B Johnson & L Mooring©2015 Meaux MercyOvercome #7067561 by C Brown, M Brock & S Furtick© Elevation Worship Publishing Give Me Faith #5680939 by M Brock, C Brown, L Gatch & W Joye ©2009 Worship PublishingLord I Need You #5925687 by D Carson, M Maher, C Nockels, J Reeves & K Stanfill ©2011 songs, sixsteps MusicResurrecting #7051507 by C Brown, M Brock, M Ntele, S Furtick & W Joye ©2015 Be Essential Songs God Of The Redeemed #5858132 by C McClure, P McClure & J Riddle ©2010 Bethel Music and Mercy / Vineyard Publishing

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