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9 - The Plot, Mark 14:1-11

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 03/17/2019

As the chief priests and scribes sought to arrest Jesus and have him killed, they found a willing accomplice in Jesus’ disciple Judas. Despite their secrecy, Jesus was not naïve to what awaited him and praised a woman for her generous outpouring of love in preparation for his burial. Though some of the disciples viewed it as wasteful, Jesus declares her devotion will be remembered wherever the gospel is proclaimed.1. They were seeking to kill (vs. 1-2)2. She was wanting to bless (v. 3)3. Some chose to scold (vs. 4-5)4. Jesus calls for honor (vs. 6-9)5. Judas decides to betray (vs. 10-11)Songs:Great Things #7111321 by J Myrin & P WickhamPhil Wickham Music Life Defined #7107554 by S BarnardSongs From Wellhouse We Fall Down #2437367 by Chris Tomlin1998 songs Jesus We Love You #7030068 by H McClure, K Heiligenthal & P McClure2014 © Bethel Music PublishingWorthy Of Your Name #7052927 by B Younker & S Curran© sixsteps Music

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