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A Life of Peace and Joy

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 10/09/2017

I’m a fan of the summer TV hit, American Ninja Warrior. In this reality series, athletes race against the clock to complete a grueling obstacle course. Now there is this one obstacle that gets the contestants almost every time. It’s called the “hour-glass drop”. And for the majority of contestants this is the one that robs them of victory. It’s like the obstacle that Peter reminds of us of that keeps many believers from moving forward in faith. It’s simply this: that they have forgotten that they have been cleansed from their sins. But there is a simple way out. And it’s through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. So let me ask: do you know that you have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus? Faith in his finished work is your way through to a life of peace and joy.

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