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A Perfect Heart

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 01/04/2018

Someone once asked CS Lewis if he cared for the Sermon on the Mount. “As to ‘caring for’ the Sermon on the Mount”, he replied, “if ‘caring for’ here means ‘liking’ or enjoying, I suppose no one ‘cares for’ it. Who can like being knocked flat on his face by a sledgehammer?” Lewis was right. The words Jesus spoke that day on the Mount of Beatitudes knock us flat on our faces. As a friend of mine once said, “if you think the ten commandments are hard to keep, try the Sermon on the Mount for size.” It is impossible because it demands perfection from the heart. And that’s the problem. We can’t fix our hearts. The Sermon on the Mount delivers that message loud and clear. But here is the good news. In Christ, you are a new creation. You have a new heart.

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