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Actor Dermot Mulroney

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Published on 10/05/2012

On this week’s show, we talk to actor Dermot Mulroney about his new film, Trade of Innocents, a gripping story about infiltrating the sex slave trade in Southeast Asia and freeing its young victims. We also talk to Eric Owyoung of Future of Forestry, one of our favorite bands who has just released their new album, Young Man Follow. Also making appearances this week: Danny Bonaduce, Stan Van Gundy , Sean Connery, a new Calvin segment and Jesse’s rope swing story. Download the show MP3 here, or subscribe to the RELEVANT Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher or any other podcast aggregator. EPISODE MUSIC Cookbook, “Get That!!!” Dragonette, “Run Run Run” The Avett Brothers, “I Never Knew You” Divine Fits, “Would That Not Be Nice” The XX, “Sunset” Electric Guest, “Holiday” FEATURED VIDEOS Trade of Innocents TrailerLearn more about the film at Future of ForestryGo behind the scenes of the making of Future of Forestry’s new album, “Young Man Follow.” Find out more at QUESTION OF THE WEEK Tell us your best celebrity encounter stories. From a fan biting Danny Bonaduce’s face to Calvin’s elevator ride with Busta Rhymes, we’ve all had a celebrity encounter. So this week we want to hear your best celebrity encounter story.

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