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Connecting people to Jesus and one another. The weekly audio podcast of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. Featuring Senior Minister Dave Stone and Teaching Minister Kyle Idleman.
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After Further Review: First + 10

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 01/06/2019

So often we find ourselves moving through life with priorities out of order, direction blurred, and expectations on the way life should turn out. When Jesus took his disciples up on the mountain he gave them the first few steps in where this journey with Him began. Over and over we read His words, “You’ve heard it said… but I tell you”. Jesus was the master at challenging his disciples to live with a fresh start and a new focus. The Sermon on the Mount stands as a message that is countercultural to the world- a message where losing becomes our gain, weakness becomes our strength, love becomes our currency, and people become our investment. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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