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An Interview with N.T. Wright

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 03/25/2018

What is the meaning of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross? Should it bee seen as a demonstration of God’s love, as victory over the hostile powers, or as "penal substitution" in which God’s wrath was actually satisfied? On this program, we’ll be taking a break from our series through Ephesians as Michael Horton discusses these questions with controversial theologian, N.T. Wright, author of The Day the Revolution Began. Whether you agree with his perspective or not, one thing is clear: N.T. Wright is making an impact in the world of contemporary theology. Our goal in airing this exchange is for you get a better grasp of the issues at stake, particularly relating to the way we think about Christ’s atoning work. Also, stay tuned for next week’s broadcast as Mike hears from Cambridge scholar Simon Gathercole who offers some criticisms of Wright’s new book.

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