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Anthony Hudson - Leadership - “Be An Innovative Visionary”


Published on 05/14/2019

Pastor Anthony M Hudson Sr is the founder and head pastor of Greater Faith of Ministries of God in Christ in Cincinnati, OH. A Cincinnati native, he was raised at Holy Trinity COGIC and became a licenced minister in 2005. He was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ in 2008. He is the founder of Faith for Life Community Development Corporation, which provides meals and warm clothing to Cinicinnati’s homeless population, as well as school supplies and GED programs to multiple underserved communities. In addition to numerous community leadership roles, pastor Hudson is a National Adjutant, and serves as the Chief Adjutant of The Ohio Southern Jurisdiction, as well as the Vice President of the Youth Department for the Mid-North Global region of the COGIC to serve Michigan, Canada, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania areas. One of the youngest Chief Adjutants in the COGIC, he is the proud father of two sons and twin daughters.

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