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Listen to the world’s most passionate and devoted leaders. In “Life, Leadership, and Legacy” by Pray.com, we get an exclusive look into the stories, experiences, and lessons learned that make these people some of the most influential leaders on earth. Join us as we discover how these respected leaders overcome vast obstacles and defeat the odds by turning massive challenges into success. Learn from their experiences and apply them to live a better life.

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Anthony Samadani - Leadership - “Know Where You're Going, and be Flexible”

Anthony is passionate about empowering people to make every day count and challenging them to find the good in everyday interactions. He is a successful entrepreneur, entertainment lawyer, TV/Film producer, and speaker. Anthony is about to release Good Currency, a unique daily journal which helps inspire and organize people to do good (for themselves and others). This unique breakdown helps individuals live their purpose be breaking down their daily actions into three categories: personal, professional and spiritual. Anthony is the co-owner of www.GoodNewsNetwork.org (#1 on Google for “Good News”); co-owner of Robin Sharma’s new brand The 5AM Club Project; and co-owner of www.WithinGood.com that sells his “Within Good, There is God” bracelets. He credits his family, faith and mentors Muhammad Ali and May May Ali, for helping to form his motivation and clarity of purpose. “The greatest leaders follow someone else. They’re following in someone else's direction. They have some other leader that’s guided them.”Please leave us a rating and subscribe so that you never miss an episode. For more inspirational content visit: https://www.pray.com/pray-bible-experience