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App For That: Heart Monitor

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 05/15/2011

Recently I was reading a study done to determine how well a person is able to make a difficult decision. The test simulated a stressful environment that demanded a decision to be made immediately. Everyone in the experiment made a decision quickly, but very few made a decision that was addressing the problem itself. A low percentage of the folks were able to navigate through the stress and make a decision that would ultimately solve the problem. In our lives there are real life decisions that arise when we suddenly realize we need to do something. A wife leaves her husband because he can't control his temper. He's desperate to save his marriage and enrolls in anger management classes and signs up for a yoga meditation class. A couple can no longer afford their minimum due payments on their credit cardsfinancially things are falling apart fast. They go buy a self-help book on money management and decide to have a garage sale. A man has been feeling chest pains so he begins another diet for the umpteenth time. Each of these people knows something needs to be done—they have to make a change. What they decide to do isn't bad but it doesn't get to the real problem.

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