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Benny Hinn's Prosperity Gospel Message Started Here

Benny Hinn made an announcement last week. “I am correcting my own theology and you need to all know it. The blessings of God are not for sale. And miracles are not for sale. And prosperity is not for sale,” he said during his weekly TV broadcast last week.His comments made waves. Hinn is one of the biggest names of a movement known wisely as the prosperity gospel. (His nephew wrote for CT about rejecting its theology.) Those seen as part of the movement—be they Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, or Paula White—are widely attacked for their health and wealth teachings.But figuring the limits of the movement—especially when it spans countries around the world—isn’t easy, says Candy Gunther Brown, a professor of religious studies at Indiana University.“Anytime you use a phrase like ‘prosperity gospel’ whether it’s in a North American context or whether it’s the Global South, it’s necessary to be very conscious to not paint things in too broad of strokes,” said Gunther Brown. “You need to be careful to respect the variety in the Global South and not idealize any more than you paint under the same brush of criticism. There’s variety in teachings, whether you’re talking about Nigeria or Brazil or South Korea.”Gunther Brown joined digital media producer Morgan Lee and editor in chief Mark Galli to discuss how much influence prosperity gospel preachers actually have, what President Trump thinks about the prosperity gospel, and where the millennial leaders are in this movement.What is “Quick to Listen”? Read moreSubscribe to Quick to Listen on Apple PodcastsFollow the podcast on TwitterFollow our host on Twitter: Morgan LeeSubscribe to Mark’s newsletter: The Galli ReportFollow our guest on Twitter: Candy Gunther BrownMusic by SweepsQuick to Listen is produced by Morgan Lee and Matt LinderThis episode of Quick to Listen is brought to you in part by Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God's Image, a newly updated and combined book by Paul Brand and Philip Yancey, from InterVarsity Press. For 40% off and free US shipping on this book and any other IVP title, visit ivpress.com and use promo code POD19.This episode of Quick to Listen is also brought to you by Focus on the Family’s Bring Your Bible to School Day powered by students nationwide October 3rd. When you sign up to participate, you’ll also be entered to win a trip to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.