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BONUS: Pastoring During a Pandemic: An Interview with David Platt

David Platt - Radical

Published on 05/15/2020

The current pandemic presents a unique challenge for pastors. In addition to determining how best to serve their members in unusual circumstances, they must also decide how the pandemic and its economic fallout will affect the church’s mission. Unfortunately, global missions is one of the first budget items to be cut for many churches. In this interview, Jeff Lewis asks David Platt a number of questions aimed at helping pastors think through how they can keep the church’s mission––making disciples among all nations––a priority during these difficult days. Though we don’t always get to see God’s work among the nations with our eyes, we must trust that He is still fulfilling His redemptive purposes, even among the hardest to reach places on earth. Pastors have an important role to play in terms of keeping these urgent realities before their people.

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