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Begun by Chuck Colson in 1991 as a daily radio broadcast, BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends via radio, interactive media, and print. On "BreakPoint This Week" John Stonestreet and co-host Ed Stetzer host a weekly conversation with leading Christian writers and thinkers. These compelling discussions cover a wide variety of topics, but center on the issues shaping our culture. BreakPoint commentaries air daily and is co-hosted by Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet.

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BP This Week: What Masterpiece Means

John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer discuss the implications of last week’s 7-2 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Jack Phillips in Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Was this a victory for religious freedom? Absolutely. Do we know where the line is now between religious freedom and civil rights? No. So what’s next? They also call on Christians to support Jack and religious freedom more broadly, and they take on specious the “Jesus would have baked the cake” argument.