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Weekend Messages from the Flatirons Community Church teaching team. Flatirons Community Church has three Colorado campuses: Lafayette, West Golden, and Denver. Lead Pastor: Jim Burgen. Teaching Pastor: Scott Nickell.
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BRiX - Trust

Flatirons Community Church

Published on 11/02/2008

Jesus never told anyone to go and build buildings. He told us to go and build up people. He told us to love God and love people. He never told us to fix people, change people or save anyone. He told us to create environments and opportunities for people that we care about to "bump into" Jesus...and then, Jesus could do what only Jesus can do. Over the past years at flatirons, people who believed that this was true made sure that each one of us had a place where we could come and "bump into Jesus". Now, it's our turn. We're calling it BRiX-Building Relationships in Christ...because that's what it's always been about.

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