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By This They Will Know

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 05/16/2018

A word to husbands. Did you know your role as a husband is the most important role you will fill in your life. In it, God calls you to love one person in a way that reflects and models Christ’s love for the church. Impossible to do through human effort. So husbands, let me encourage you to walk in dependence upon Jesus, to abide in him. He will teach you all about his great love for the church and will move in your heart to express that love to your wife. A love that will treat her as one without spot or blemish… that will wrap her with security and assurance and that will convince her heart that she is cherished above all others. So husbands, let’s take the lead and love our wives well and show the world Christ’s love for his church.

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