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Choosing Faith over Fear - David, pt. 3

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Published on 05/04/2020

God-sized giants require God-sized solutions! With that in mind, Bible Teacher Nat Crawford helps you size up the giants in your life, in light of God’s conquering power. Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will join in for candid conversation about moving forward in faith, despite your challenges!Download the Transcript of Today's PodcastSometimes we can get stuck in a rut spiritually, experiencing apathy and indifference about the things of God. As a result, our prayer lives grow stagnant, God feels far away, and we are drained of the joy and peace that should be ours as followers of Christ.Is there a way out of the rut?Yes. In a practical and relevant book by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross, the answer to spiritual malaise is well within reach of each and every person who is willing to get “unstuck.”This excellent book examines the common habits and behavior patterns of those who have broken free from spiritual lethargy and moved past the rut. Surveying more than 70,000 men and women of faith, the authors have performed extensive research to bring you the most accurate analysis and conclusions for moving forward in your walk with Christ.You can get a copy of this helpful book today. Unstuck!!!Get to know Nat Crawford, Cara Whitney, Arnie Cole

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