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Choosing Faith over Fear - Drowning Fear, Rising Hope pt. 1 (Noah)

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Published on 05/26/2020

God gave this man an “impossible” task. His name is Noah and his inspiring story of challenge is one of drowning fear and rising hope! Pastor Nat Crawford has some exciting insights waiting for you in today’s message, plus a discussion with Arnie Cole about living with integrity in today’s world. Download the Transcript of Today's PodcastIf you’re looking for practical, Scripture-based steps to overcoming anger and fear our Win the Day resource is a great place for you to start. Win the Day will help you apply the Scriptures and learn to stand firm, stand faithful, and stand on God’s Word. Will you join us in walking through this 14-day guide? You can get a copy of this helpful booklet by giving a gift of any amount to Back to the Bible today.Get to know Nat Crawford, Cara Whitney, Arnie Cole

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