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Cross Point Church is focused on communicating the timeless truth of God's Word in a culturally relevant way by incorporating the use of video, music, props, and drama to create a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and applying God's Word to our lives today.

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Clarity vs. Trust

In Week 2 of Fool's Paradise, Pastor Pete Wilson addresses a topic that we all struggle with: Clarity vs. Trust. It is easy to trust God when we have a precise picture and plan for what God wants from us. But that trust is quickly shaken when we are not sure and paths are unclear. Often we want God to move a mountain to prove this is what we are supposed to do when all He really wants from us is to trust Him. Trust that he has our backs. We need to remember what God can do, face the facts with faith, and rely on what God has told us. When we learn to lean completely on God, His plan for us will often become more clear.