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Come Hungry: Dinner Guests

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 04/03/2011

There are three groups that each of us fall into that I want to identify. 1) Some of you spend the majority of your time with non-Christians. Your world is immersed in these relationships, so much so that you do not have time outside of the weekly worship service to spend time with other Christians. 2) Others of you primarily spend your time with Christians. You drop the kids off at Christian school, work with Christians or make sure youre saturating yourself throughout the day with Christian things and people, and run off to your Bible study or small group in the evening. This group of folks has very little interaction with non-Christians. 3) The third group spends time with both Christians and non-Christians. You walk the tightrope of being in the world but not of the world. You fervor for serving the Lord is fueling your fervor for sharing Christ with the non-Christians in your life.

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