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Come Hungry: The Last Supper

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 04/17/2011

There are certain times of the year where we gather together around a table and share a special meal with family and friends—Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. For most of us when we sit around a table and eat, it is a time to share memories. Stories are told (oftentimes retold) and memories are shared as when we gather around a dinner table. This week we will gather around the table with Jesus for what is known as "The Last Supper". Its no accident that the last supper of Jesus was a special meal the Jews ate every year known as "The Passover." Everything about this meal was about telling a story. Israel celebrated the Passover for some of the same reasons we celebrate the fourth of July—it was a celebration of their freedom. For 400 years they had been enslaved by the Egyptiansthen God sent Moses and the ten plagues to free His people from slavery. As a way to remember their deliverance, every year they would gather around the table and that story would be told.

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