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Craig Groeschel

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Published on 10/30/2015

This week on the show we talk with writer and pastor Craig Groeschel about his new book, and the editorial team walks us through the new issue of the magazine. Also, Joy is back and as you’d expect, has plenty of sausage stories from her childhood. EPISODE SPONSOR Brightpeak Financial empowers young Christian families to become stronger financially so they can live with generosity—and make a difference in the world! Brightpeak has created the Simple Living Challenge, a 14-day free program to help you cut down on life’s clutter, creating more balance, freedom and joy in your life. Click the logo to get started! EPISODE SPONSOR A big thanks to our sponsor, Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website. For a free trial, click the logo and get 10% off your first purchase on new accounts when you use offer code “RELEVANT.” EPISODE MUSIC Raury, “God’s Whisper” Justin Bieber, “Sorry” The Dunwells, “Hey Now” Jr. Jr., “James Dean” Andy Mineo, “Uncomfortable” COIN, “Holy Ghost” ADDITIONAL LINKS Craig Groeschel Follow Craig on Twitter Purchase ‘#struggles’ QUESTION OF THE WEEK What are some theme park rides that need to exist?

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