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Shalom Sistas is a podcast hosted by Osheta Moore—a wifey, writer, entrepreneur, and mom who loves to talk Shalom with her favorite women, her Shalom Sistas. While Shalom is often thought of as another word for peace, it’s actually a deep and wide concept of the world as it should be— whole, flourishing, and vibrant. Being a Shalom Sista is as simple as seeing a need in the world and asking "how can I help?" Every episode, Osheta will introduce a Shalom Sista who asked that very question to share her story and give practical advice that will inspire and encourage women to be wholehearted and seek wholeness in the world right around her. We don’t’ get preachy here, but we do get personal, practical, and at times, a little playful!
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Day 2 of 31 Days Everyday Peacemaking

Shalom Sistas

Published on 10/03/2018

Hey Sistas, Today I start the episode with a peacemaking strategy because my son missed the bus. Then, I share our Peacemaker's Pledge from my book trailer. It's the anchor of our series and what I'll refer to often. We are a sisterhood of everyday peacemakers. We believe that shalom is more than an ancient concept. It’s God's dream for the world as it should be: nothing missing, nothing broken, everything made whole. Shalom is the breadth, depth, climate, and culture of the kingdom God. And we seek to live it out in our lives in small, but important ways: - Doing laundry for a single mom - Listening to a hurting child Or spending time with an elderly neighbor We know that peacemaking happens in the ordinary. These everyday practices of peace are brilliant flickers of light that drive away the darkness. We reject the notion that peacemakers are only quiet and gentle, meek and mild. In fact, some of us are quite sassy, and some of us are quirky. While we all love Jesus, some of us snark a little too. We are women without enemies We choose to love when we’ve been hurt and forgive when we’ve been betrayed. In times like these, we will look past the pain in order to see the person. Then we will tell a better story about them. These counter-stories will change the world. We show up for those on the margins. We speak up for the oppressed. We create rest for those whose lives are in chaos. We reject violence in both word and deed. Because we are peace-makers, not simply peace-keepers! We are all broken people, navigating a broken world, so we will be kind. We throw dance parties when we’re afraid. We will choose joy as a weapon against despair. And we own our belovedness instead of striving for perfection. When we look in the mirror we see beauty—our skin, our size, our style— are God-kissed and delightful. We do all this because we belong to each other. This is is what Jesus meant when he said: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”: We are family and shalom is written into our spiritual inheritance. So we will be generous with its riches as we live gently in a violent world. In remembering this sisterhood, we will begin to see God's radical peace invade every ordinary corner of our lives, every single day. So, let us be kingdom women, who tell a story of Shalom: the world can be made whole and love will overflow. Let’s be of champions of kindness, ambassadors of goodness, and heroes with humility. Let us be Shalom Sistas! Join us! Order your copy of "Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World" today!!!

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