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The Kingdom Roots Podcast with Scot McKnight is a conversation about how the Kingdom took root then and how it takes root now. Kingdom Root conversations with Scot McKnight will give clarity to the context of the New Testament and how that context informs the Church today. Dr. Scot McKnight is the Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament at Northern Seminary. Learn more about Northern Seminary’s Master’s of Arts in New Testament at
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Did Jesus Preach the Gospel? (Q Ideas Conference) - KR 118

Kingdom Roots with Scot McKnight

Published on 01/24/2019

Interested in getting a taste of Northern with Scot McKnight? Join us for a class at Northern - all the words mean the same thing, they mean nothing. Occasionally words risk losing their meaning because they get stretched to cover too many concepts. In this talk, Scot contends that the gospel is one of those words that has stretched to become something that is not described in the New Testament. What is the gospel and is it possible that Jesus couldn’t have preached the gospel? Watch this talk here >> Want to learn more about the Gospel? Check out Scot's book “The King Jesus Gospel” >>

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