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Edward Cook - Legacy - “Legacy Happens When We Live”


Published on 05/22/2019

​Bishop Edward T. Cook is a lifelong, 3rd generation member of the Church of God in Christ. In 1994, he led the merger of the Zion and New Jerusalem congregations to successfully form The New Life Church of God In Christ. Previously, Bishop Cook was the pastor of the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ and the Zion Church of God in Christ, both in Toledo, Ohio. In 2008, Bishop-designate Cook was recommended to the General Board of the Church of God in Christ by the pastors of Ohio North First Jurisdiction to succeed Bishop Walter E. Jordan as Jurisdictional Prelate of Ohio North First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, the seventh in succession. Additionally, has served as a leader and Board Member for many intervention, outreach ministries, and revitalization initiatives throughout Toledo. In 1998, he was a joint recipient of the NAACP President’s Award for his work as an officer and member of Covenant Community Development Corporation (CCDC) and their pioneering work in community development, as well as the recipient of the NAACP Humanitarian Award in 2005. He is the eldest of six children and is married to Sheila Lynn Terry Cook, his wife of 47 years. Together they have two children and two grandchildren. Please leave us a rating and subscribe so that you never miss an episode. For more inspirational content from visit:

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