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Welcome to the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast. Pastor Josh is the founding and lead pastor of Next Level Church, a unique move of God with multiple locations. He is passionate about helping other leaders and pastors communicate the love of Jesus more effectively and grow in their leadership.
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Ep 034: The 7 E's That Eliminate Leaders, Part 1

The Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast

Published on 06/01/2016

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast!On this episode of the podcast, we will be hearing from Pastor Josh as he describes 3 of the 7 E’s that can eliminate leaders. Part two of this episode will be released for episode 35, which will feature the next 4 E’s. If you can correctly guess the next 4 E’s that eliminate leaders, we will send you a $100 gift card! Send your guesses to [email protected] along with your name and contact info. Good luck!7 E’s That Eliminate Leaders:1. Envy. King Saul was envious of David. It can be easy to become envious to those who seem more successful than you. Social media has the capacity to fuel envy. Whenever you become envious of others, you forget how blessed you are. 2. Ego. It was through pride that Lucifer became Satan. Ego delights in admiration, but has a hard time taking direction and correction. Ego sees teachability as a weakness, correction as rebuke, and someone else’s success as its demise. Learn to “bow your head” so that God can be the only one to lift it. 3. Entitlement. Martha felt entitled to Mary helping her. When you feel entitled to something, the less likely you’ll work for it. Entitlement forces you to resent whatever is keeping you from the thing you feel entitled to have. The moment we stop being thankful for what God has given us, the more we will feel entitled to those things. Quotes From This Episode:“The more I focus on what other people want me to be, the less I focus on what God wants me to be.” - Josh Gagnon“Any church can grow big on the talents of many, but no church can sustain growth outside of Jesus being its foundation.” - Josh Gagnon“Your talent can only take you as far as your character can sustain you.” - Josh Gagnon“Envy never gets us what we want, envy always blinds us to what it is we have.” - Josh Gagnon“Ego delights in admiration and it resents correction.” - Josh Gagnon“Ego sees teachability as weakness.” - Josh Gagnon“God can’t lift a head that isn’t bowed.” - Josh Gagnon“A physical response to a spiritual matter brings meaning to the moment.” - Josh Gagnon“If you find your identity in what you do, you will be prideful around it.” - Josh Gagnon“Entitlement changes your focus from ‘I’ll work for it’ to ‘I deserve it.’” - Josh Gagnon“Gratitude ends where entitlement begins.” - Josh Gagnon“It’s hard to find contentment in moving targets.” - Josh GagnonLook out for part two of the 7 E’s That Eliminate Leaders!

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