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Episode 102 | The Beatitudes with Stu G

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 07/06/2017

On this week’s episode, I chatted with my friend Stu G, who has just released a beautiful record and also a book into the world, centered on the paradoxical teachings of Jesus in the beatitudes - blessed are the poor, those who mourn, the merciful, the meek, which directly contrasts today’s measures of who is blessed and who is not. I’ve had the chance to sit around a campfire late into the night with Stu, who is brilliant, humble, and so gifted. Here’s what Stu G has to say about words:I am in love with words - a would-be poet even - but am often at a loss for what to say. I used to think I spoke best through my guitar, but I now see how easy it is to hide behind the ambiguity of music. I am more enthralled by the power of words, which can bring life and death. Words are dangerous [...]

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