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Episode 110 | Dialogue

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 08/31/2017

Emotions are so raw right now. White supremacy, CNN, Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Fake News, Fox & Friends, Antifa, President Trump, Nashville Statement… the list goes on and on.We all know what instant reaction looks like.What does dialogue look like? Is it possible to learn more about each other, even while holding wildly differing views? How do we give dignity to someone when we disagree? How do we learn from someone even if we don’t change our mind? In this episode, I talk about tangible ways to enter into dialogue with “the other” - not necessarily to adopt their point of view, but to humanize them instead of caricaturing them. Enjoy. Music on this episode is from Stefan Van Voorst (song: Love Will Show its Face)

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