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Episode 116: Love Big, Be Well with Winn Collier

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 10/12/2017

Winn Collier is the pastor of All Souls Charlottesville, and he just wrote an “epistolary novel” called Love Big, Be Well: Letters To a Small Town Church, which I devoured in 3 hours. Winn is a pastor’s pastor, with a sacramental, hopeful outlook on what it means to be faithful in an age that is being formed by the dumpster fire that is social media. This was the first time that Winn and I talked, but from the very beginning, I knew he was a kindred spirit. If you need to get a sense of hope, this is the person to listen to. Then go out and get this book - it feels like coming home. You can connect with Winn on his website, on Facebook, or Instagram.Music on today’s episode is by Sara Groves (

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