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Episode 131 | Presence and Process with Daniel P. Coleman

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 01/25/2018

This episode is for anyone who has jettisoned a theological framework that couldn’t hold your deep questions and your desire to see an integrated thread of seemingly different traditions. Danny Coleman grew up in the charismatic stream of Evangelical Christianity, where his particular church put sole emphasis on that future moment when all will someday be made new by Jesus at his second coming. Danny kept wondering if there was more, and it led him to a house church, then the Quakers, then… this book. It is refreshing and hopeful. Coleman’s view combines Christian contemplation, Buddhist meditation, and process theology in developing a transformative and inclusive view of God, each other, and the universe. This episode will stretch your thinking, most likely. Enjoy! Connect with Daniel by heading over to his website, or by viewing this brief video

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