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Episode 134 | How a Secret-Keeper Became a Storyteller with Laura Parrott Perry

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 02/15/2018

Oh, my sweet Lord. This is one of my favorite episodes. Laura Parrott Perry is the author of a brand new book called She Wrote it Down: How at Secret-Keeper Became a Storyteller. It’s penetrating, gorgeous, raw, hopeful, and at times hilarious. I loved it. Laura says that we all live inside our stories and we make homes of them. But when our stories become secrets, those homes become prisons. If you have a story you are not telling anyone, anywhere, in any way - that is not privacy, it’s secrecy. The difference between privacy and secrecy is simple: Shame. A lifelong secret-keeper, Laura Parrott Perry began the process of transforming into a storyteller when the dark secrets she’d been carrying around became too heavy and her life began to collapse under the weight of them. Sexual abuse, eating disorders, alcohol, perfectionism… Those secrets were all Laura& [...]

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