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Episode 141 | The Day After

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 04/05/2018

No matter how big or small your creative effort is, if there comes a time when it gets out there into the world, there will inevitably be “the day after” the big event. What happens on the day after? How do you feel and what do you do? In this episode, I talked about the four stages of the creative process, from idea to preparation to actually doing it to the day after, and I covered the range of emotions you feel during each stage. I recorded this episode especially for my friend Aaron, who is planting a church this Sunday, and has been through stages one and two, and is about to go through stages three and four. I hope this is helpful for any of you who are doing anything creative! At the break in the podcast, I mentioned Author School, which is a course led by Rachelle Gardner, who has helped more than 150 authors bring their idea to published form. She’s insightful, super helpful [...]

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