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Episode 144 | You’re Building Something, Part 2

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 04/26/2018

In part 1, I wanted to help you keep perspective on the good work that you’re doing - whatever it is - and to help you remember that all good work takes time. I hate that there aren’t too many satisfying metrics in the “slog time” - those moments where you just have to keep going: whether it’s writing, editing, teaching, hammering, cooking, driving, or tutoring. I also talked about drilling down and trying to name what it is that you’re building - beyond just the book, movie, bakery, or curriculum. What bigger thing are you hoping will happen when that smaller thing -the book, movie, poem, recipe, building, business, or whatever - is done. In part 2, I talked about some examples of times that I’ve had to keep perspective when I’ve missed deadlines, when I get jealous of other authors, or when I’m tempted to do somebody [...]

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