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Episode 180 | More Than You Can Handle with Nate Pyle

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 04/18/2019

My friend Nate Pyle is a great writer and also a compassionate pastor, who knows about pain and loss firsthand. Professional uncertainty, the intense impact of mental illness, and the struggle to build a family after infertility and a lost pregnancy have left Nate with more questions than answers. One answer he has come to, however, is that God regularly gives people more than they can handle, regardless of the well-known cliche that says otherwise. In Nate's book, More Than You Can Handle: When Life's Overwhelming Pain Meets God's Overcoming Grace, he shares his own story, the stories of others, and a fresh look at the life of Jesus, in order to help people deal with life's inevitable pain. Enjoy! Music on this episode: Julie's Song by Joel Hanson

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