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Episode 183 | Women Rise Up with Katey Zeh

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 05/09/2019

I got to know Katey Zeh when our mutual friend Erin Lane introduced us, and I’m so glad she did. Katey has experience working as an advocate for women and girls who are being trafficked, which has greatly informed how she reads the bible. The result is her brand new book, Women Rise Up: Sacred Stories for Today’s Revolution. Katey speaks the truth of the abuse, oppression, and erasure women have endured in the stories told in the Scriptures, much of which is still happening in the world today.Click here to enjoy the episode.Connect with Katey:Katey’s WebsiteTwitterInstagramKatey’s Podcast: Kindreds (with Ashley Peterson)“I don’t know anyone who more seamlessly marries her scriptural imagination with an activist sensibility than Katey Zeh. She is a reliable, skilled, and (thanks to be God) altogether human teacher who is not afraid to trouble the waters of some of our most beloved (and forgotten) readings of biblical women – and their enduring witness in our modern lives. If you are looking for an easy bake women’s book study, you won’t find it here. But if you dare to go where few have willingly gone into this study of what it means to be a female follower of God, you will come out the other side just as Zeh hoped: more resilient, more compassionate, and better able to rise up in the face of injustices near and far. I recommend this book to any girl beginning to wonder what relevancy the biblical stories have in her life – and any pastor, counselor, parent, or mentor who cares enough to walk into the complexity with her.” – Erin S. Lane, Author of Lessons in Belonging.

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