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Shalom Sistas is a podcast hosted by Osheta Moore—a wifey, writer, entrepreneur, and mom who loves to talk Shalom with her favorite women, her Shalom Sistas. While Shalom is often thought of as another word for peace, it’s actually a deep and wide concept of the world as it should be— whole, flourishing, and vibrant. Being a Shalom Sista is as simple as seeing a need in the world and asking "how can I help?" Every episode, Osheta will introduce a Shalom Sista who asked that very question to share her story and give practical advice that will inspire and encourage women to be wholehearted and seek wholeness in the world right around her. We don’t’ get preachy here, but we do get personal, practical, and at times, a little playful!
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Episode 42: Peacemaking Fails Then Successes

Shalom Sistas

Published on 10/06/2017

Hey Sistas! Today is a COMMUNITY EPISODE!!! Which means you'll hear from all three the co-hosts on one topic AND meet some fellow Sistas who love the podcast. This week my first book, "Shalom Sistas" released and so for the fall season of the podcast, we're going to be going through the Shalom Sistas Manifesto. In this episode, we talk about the first four: We are Invited We are Beloved We are Enough We will see the Beauty With Cara: We talk about Belovedness, a messy but welcoming home, and her new role on the podcast. ALL WHILE HOMEGIRL is SICK! She's getting better now, but y'all her dedication to the podcast is so appreciated! With Jerusalem: We talk about her wedding, body image, beauty, and savoring everything without shame. And Ikea. Always Ikea with that one. With Abby: We talk about her Hurricane Harvey peacemaking fail then success, how Jared her husband is a saint (BTW I think all of our husband are saints because it's not easy being married to a Shalom Sista), and how we can find our identity a part from our output. Every conversation was special and I hope you enjoy the episode. Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes so that other peacemakers can find this podcast. XOXO and Shalom, O A few of the links mentioned in the episode: O Magazine Making Oprah Cara’s Website Jerusalem’s Website Abby’s Website Shalom Sistas Hangout Nourish Yourself Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist Grab Your Copy of Shalom Sistas Order form for your FREE goodies

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