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episode 72 | epiphany

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 01/06/2017

In which I talked about cultivating the ability to see the light of Christ in the world in unexpected places, while taking unfamiliar journeys. In the Christian household, Epiphany is the season where we look for the light of Christ, and we wonder what unexpected, unfamiliar place(s) it will show up in the world. Epiphany means “revelation” or “showing forth,” and during its season, we remember the three pagan astrologers who left everything, following a star to find a baby in a manger. Their response wasn’t doubt or cynicism, but wonder, awe, and joy.Can we open our eyes this season to see the unexpected places that the light of Christ is shining? Can we abandon the familiar in order to go on an unfamiliar journey? And when we find it, can we allow ourselves to respond to wonder, awe, and joy instead of cynicism, even if it shows up in a very unexpected place?I mentioned Ruth Haley Barton’s wonderful Epiphany post. You can read [...]

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