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episode 75 | outsider with Nish Weiseth

This Good Word With Steve Wiens

Published on 01/26/2017

In which I interviewed the inimitable Nish Weiseth, a self-proclaimed Enneagram 5 with a 5 Wing, author, speaker, mother, feminist, and hopeful-yet-angsty activist. We covered a range of topics, from being raised by atheist parents in the buckle of the bible belt, to getting Facebook stalked by vicious alt-right trolls. She talked a lot about how she is embracing the reality that in many ways, she’s always been an outsider. We talked about how hard that’s been, but also how that has been transformed into courageous action. We talked about where she sees hope in the world, and also what drives her crazy. We even talked about the reality of getting demoralizing royalty statements (because misery really does love company). I loved getting to know Nish - and I think you’ll love our rollicking conversation as well. Connect with Nish on Twitter and Facebook, and please con [...]

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